Netbox, ally of your customer relationship!

Smart digital solutions to reach your goals

Leading edge

Chatbot - AI customer service

Artificial intelligence solution to overcome labor shortages, support your team and maximize your budget.
Online promotion

Simplified video production

Whether you're looking for promotional, advertising, educational, or awareness videos, we've got you covered.
Digital business place

Websites design

Whether it's a showcase, e-commerce or landing page, we create beautiful, professional, user-friendly websites where every detail counts.

Human-looking AI

Engaging conversations

Realistic AI voice

Enhanced customer satisfaction



We create powerful videos for you!

Our agency can translate any message you want to communicate into images! Whether you want to promote your product or service, share your know-how, train or educate your target audience, or publicize your latest discounts, you can entrust us with any type of video production!


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The heart of your marketing tools!

A professional website is essential for positioning your brand and building customer relationships. In a way, it's your "business card", your "face" on the Internet, the one that creates the first impression that proves decisive in establishing the link between your company and its customers.


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We take care of every aspect of our service, so you always get more for your money.

Strategic direction

Our production processes are based on a strategic vision of marketing to achieve your goals.

Turnkey service

We take care of your video and website design from A to Z, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Decated team

Communications and marketing consultants, web developers, copywriters, translators, graphic designers, cameramen, video editors and more, at your service.

Creativity & clarity

We aim to offer you marketing products that reflect a perfect balance between style and ease of understanding.


Our digital products are at the forefront of technology, enabling you to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

1.Content popularization expertise

Thanks to our copywriters, some of whom have backgrounds in journalism, we are experts in popularizing content. We "translate" your knowledge so that it reaches your target audiences, who will derive tangible benefits from watching your videos or visiting your website. As a result, we're ideally placed to train your AI and ensure that its interactions with your customers are engaging, strategic and consistent with your brand.

2.A service focused on content marketing

We help you put your expertise in front of your customers, positioning your company or organization as an expert in its field and building loyalty among your target audience. By creating original, relevant, and optimized messages, you can increase your organic web rankings, strengthen your community, and deliver a user experience that meets your expectations.

3.Consulting approach across all our services

When providing our various services, we play an advisory role to the organization's senior management or a supporting role to the in-house communications and marketing team. We help them see the digital space clearly and leverage it for growth through our strategic communications focus.

4.Socially responsible agency

When you work with Netbox, you're dealing with a digital agency committed to working primarily with people who need to enter or re-enter the job market, thus contributing to the province's social and economic development.

Our marketing company also has a green conscience, with team members making environmentally responsible gestures daily, such as working in a coworking space or telecommuting, minimizing paper use, favouring videoconference meetings and advising our customers to keep the printed matter to a minimum.

Finally, we work for community organizations committed to the well-being of their communities or for small and medium-sized businesses whose mission is to improve people's quality of life.

5.Agence ancrée régionalement et axée sur l'international

Nous sommes une agence ancrée au Québec, où se trouve notre siège social, avec des partenaires au Canada, aux États-Unis, au Mexique, au Moyen-Orient, et en Amérique latine qui supportent notre travail. Ils nous permettent de répondre à la demande avec de hauts standards de qualité. 

Cela nous permet également de vous servir en Français, en Anglais et en Espagnol.