Want to build audience loyalty? We create beautiful, engaging newsletters with original, relevant content.


Want to increase your credibility? We write articles that showcase your organization and contribute to your readers' quality of life.

Social Networks

We will feed your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with messages that have been designed for your community.

Video Series

Engage your community by sharing your expertise with a series of short videos. A fun way to increase your visibility.

Our team of specialists is at your service: communication and marketing consultants, web integrators and developers, copywriters, editors, translators, graphic designers, camera operators, video editors and managers, among others.

A diverse team

Efficient support for your in-house team

Proven expertise

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A successful collaboration

Pleasant team work

Our consultative approach and relaxed yet methodical style allows us to build a relationship of trust with our clients.


1.Consulting approach across all our services

In delivering our various services, we play an advisory role to NPO executives or a supporting role to in-house communications team. We help them see the digital space clearly and use it as a lever for growth that positively impacts the communities we serve.

2.Strategic direction of communication

We approach marketing communications as a whole, starting with a diagnosis and objectives, where you are the expert. Then we move on to action: the design and development of strategies that must take into account brand image, values, market and target audiences, among others. And finally, constant monitoring to improve marketing efforts and establish a "dialogue" with the organization's audiences.

3.Expertise in content popularization

Thanks to our writers, some of whom have journalism backgrounds, we are experts at popularizing content. We "translate" your knowledge so that it can be better communicated to audiences who will benefit from it.

4.Service focused on content marketing

We help you communicate your expertise to your customers, positioning your organization as an expert in its field and building loyalty with your target audience. Producing original, relevant, useful, cohesive and optimized messages (e.g. blog posts, social networking posts, newsletters, video capsules, "static" website content) will help boost your nonprofit's organic SEO on the web and strengthen your community, while providing a user experience that meets your expectations.

5.A socially responsible agency

When you work with Netbox, you're dealing with a digital agency that is committed to working primarily with people who need to enter or re-enter the job market, thereby contributing to the social and economic development of the province.

What's more, we work almost exclusively for non-profit organizations that are committed to the well-being of their communities or, more occasionally, for small businesses whose mission contributes to the quality of people's lives.


6.Sustainable development

Our agency also has a green conscience, and our team members take a number of environmentally responsible actions on a daily basis, such as: working in a coworking space or telecommuting; minimizing paper use, favoring videoconferencing meetings, and advising our customers to minimize printed materials.


Exclusive for Quebec NPOs

Our content marketing packages

Thanks to a flexible formula…

We offer our clients the option of replacing certain package components with specific assignments, such as writing a press release or creating an infographic*.

*Only available in the Credibility and Positioning packages.

All our packages are valid for one year.


Build your online presence and organic search engine optimization, even on a limited budget
  • Marketing consulting
  • Editorial planning
  • Keywords
  • Result tracking and evaluation
  • Monthly blog (800 words)
  • 8 posts per month on FB and LN
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Video clips


Improve your visibility and boost your credibility by maximizing your budget
  • Marketing consulting
  • Editorial planning
  • Keywords
  • Results tracking and evaluation
  • Monthly blog (1100 words)
  • 12 posts per month on FB and LN
  • Monthly newsletter (1200 words)
  • Video clips


Position yourself as an expert and solidify your community with a well-invested budget.
  • Marketing consulting
  • Editorial planning
  • Keywords
  • Results tracking and evaluation
  • Monthly blog (1400 words)
  • 16 posts per month on FB and LN
  • Monthly newsletter (1500 words)
  • 10 video capsules per year

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We’re always proud to contribute to our customers’ success!

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